About Us

Friends of the Midwest Theater (FMT)

FMT is a group of concerned citizens of the area that joined together to help operate activities at the theater, to raise funds, and plan the renovation. FMT has the responsibility of fund raising, organizing, planning, and administering the operations of the theater. FMT was established in the fall of 1998 with the help of Oregon Trail Community Foundation. We received our non-profit 501C3 status in March 2000. The FMT consists of a 19 member Board of Directors. Our board members and volunteers come from around the region, and one representative from the Oregon Trail Community Foundation. All duties in the theater are covered by volunteers, from concession work, to fundraising, and marketing. We have successfully run the theater since November 1998. FMT’s operational costs come from movies, concessions, and memberships.

Oregon Trail Community Foundation (OTCF): The OTCF was founded in 1977. It is a local Foundation. It provides resources to meet the present and future needs of the community by receiving, administering and disbursing funds. OTCF provides grants from an Unrestricted Endowment fund and Special Interest Endowment Scholarship Funds. They also help with contracted grants, donor advised funds and special community projects. Their operational funds come from donations and investments. Its goals and mission are to help preserve our past, serve as a catalyst for special projects in the area, and support projects in Scotts Bluff County and Goshen County. Oregon Trail Community Foundation came forward and accepted the donation of the Historic Midwest Theater in 1997 so that this building would be preserved for future generations. The theater was closed for approximately 2 years when Friends of the Midwest Theater were organized with the help of OTCF, and OTCF now leases the building to Friends of the Midwest Theater for $1.00 per year.


It is the mission of Friends of the Midwest Theater to preserve and enhance the historic Midwest Theater for present and future generations by offering:

  • Mainstream and specialty films
  • Performing and visual arts
  • School and community educational programming


The theater is Western Nebraska’s premier, multi-purpose cultural venue showcasing fine film and performing arts while maintaining the historic integrity of the building. Friends of the Midwest Theater envisions the future to include:

  • Expanding our facility for bigger and better events
  • Growing attendance and memberships
  • Promoting the arts, tourism, and historic preservation in our region