Liza Jo & Tin Town Troubadours

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They play a repertoire that is mostly Western Swing tunes recorded before 1940. Western Swing began to take on a big band swing sound after WW II. This group prefers the rough-and-ready sound that existed prior to WW II, which seems
more solidly grounded in the events of rural life. They feel it has a more overtly joyous sound, which developed during the Great Depression as an antidote to the crushing poverty of that period in American history. They also play earlier American
rural music that Western Swing evolved from, from Appalachian fiddle tunes, to early blues and field songs.

This newly formed group consists of five very seasoned musicians who have excelled in different domains of music, but all share a deep love of Western Swing. The group includes legendary swing fiddler Paul Anastasio, whose history as the fiddle player for Asleep at the Wheel, Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn, and the Gatlin brothers is notable.

About the Band:
Liza Jo is a Nebraska native who first heard Western Swing Music on a victrola in the haymow of her grandparents barn in
the Sandhills of NE. She has spent the last 38 years touring the US and Europe playing both Western Swing and Texas
Traditional Fiddling. Winner of many state and national fiddle competitions, she is a former Womens National Champion.
She was inducted into the Pioneers of Western Swing Hall of Fame. She is happy to be bringing this newly formed group
of outstanding musicians back to her native home to perform.

T Scot Wilburn is the bandleader for the Shut Up and Playboys, He has sung multiple times on the Grand Old Opry, and has enjoyed playing with Western Music Legends such as Hank Thompson, and was a member of Wylie and the Wild
West band for a number of years.

Raised in a family of professional musicians, Penny Miller is a super driving bass player and singer who hails from a
mountaintop in the Ozarks. She plays regularly with an Oklahoma based band, A Horse with No Name, that plays
Branson, MO. She is super excited to be part of the Tin Town Troubadors.

Dick Dillof, is regarded as a true wizard of the steel guitar by many noted musicians. He will be playing different types of
steels including Hawaiian, National Steel body lap style, and non pedal stand up electric in the Troubadors. He is known
for his wild improvisational style, which brings spontaneous laughter and joy to all his listeners. His music has taken him
from Bill Monroe’s Bean Blossom Festival, to the hobo jungles of the West, the Caribbean jungles and The Voice of Asia
Festival in Russia amongst others.

Paul Anastasio started studying violin in 1962, at the age of nine, with an early interest in exploring popular music, jazz and western swing. Paul has played many notable artists thru the years such as Merle Haggard’s band, The Strangers, Asleep at the Wheel, Loretta Lynn Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, among many more.
For the past 20 years Paul has been involved in a serious study of a fast-disappearing southern Mexican traditional violin style. He visited Mexico’s Tierra Caliente region often from 1998 through 2006, recording 3,000 hours of music and transcribing 800 pieces. Paul is also actively involved teaching privately and at music camps throughout the US, as well as performing western swing and other fiddle styles. Now living in southern Louisiana, Paul plays in Lafayette bands including Stop the Clock, Runaway Fiddle and Ann Savoy and Her Sleepless Knights.