2019 Children’s Theater

Auditions will be held Monday, March 25 @ 4 pm. Auditions last about 2 hours.
Children kindergarten-8th grade may audition if they meet the audition requirement.
Children born in an EVEN year (2004,06,08,10,12) may audition for the Spring (March 2019) production. Children born in an Odd year were able to audition for the Blackbeard the Pirate play in November 2018. 
Doors will open for auditions at 3:30pm on March 25th.  Please check in with Staff in the lobby no later than 3:50pm to receive a sticker that will show you have registered. 

Please use this link to register Pinocchio:click here before your child auditions

The rehearsals scheduled every evening from 4:00-8:30pm and consist of two 2-hour blocks of time with a 15-30 minute snack break between the two sessions for those cast members involved in both sessions. It’s important to note that not all cast members are involved in every rehearsal session, Thursday night rehearsal in mandatory.  If you student has other activities during the 4 nights of rehearsal please make sure they can be excused from it, if they can not.  Please do not allow your child to try out.  Each child’s schedule for the week is dependent on the role in which they’re cast.

Some other helpful info can be found here
Missoula Children’s Theatre “What Parents Should Know”