Godzilla – 70th Anniversary

Godzilla – 70th Anniversary

The Midwest Classic Movies series takes movies from between 1910’s to the 1960’s that have stood the test of time to be considered classics and puts them where they belong – Back on the big screen! M.C.M shows a different classic movie every 3rd Saturday of the month.

June’s movie is – Godzilla 70th Anniversary!

When 17 vessels explode and sink near Odo Island, Professor Kyohei Yamane, his daughter, Emiko, and the Marine, Hideto Ogata head to the island to investigate. Soon they witness a giant monster called Godzilla by the locals destroying the spot. Meanwhile Emiko meets her boyfriend, the secluded scientist Serizawa, and he makes her promise to keep a secret about the lethal weapon the Oxygen Destroyer that he has developed. When Godzilla threatens Tokyo and other Japanese cities and the army and the navy are incapable to stop the monster, Emiko discloses Serizawa’s secret to her lover Ogata. Now they have to convince Serizawa to use the Oxygen Destroyer to kill Godzilla.

Released – 1954 Run Time – 1 hour 36 minutes


Jun 15, 2024


1:30 PM


Non-Members - $5, Members - $2, Children (2-12) - $4




The Historic Midwest Theater
1707 Broadway, Scottsbluff, NE