National Silent Movie Day

National Silent Movie Day

Friday, September 29th is National Silent Movie Day. Midwest Classic Movies is celebrating with a special event!

The Silent Era – It proved that film was a visual medium. Giving us engaging and dynamic tales that overcame the need to hear what the actors were saying. Often the only accompaniment was a lone piano player down by the screen.

One of the best actors/filmmakers to come from this era was Buster Keaton. Often overshadowed by Charlie Chaplin, Keaton was a genius in his own right. With over 150 credits to his name, not only did he act in the movies but he also co-wrote and co-directed most of them. This National Silent Movie Day we’re celebrating by showing three of Keaton’s wonderful short films.

The Scarecrow

Buster Keaton and Joe Roberts play two farm hands who have mastered the art of “tiny house” living. While they can start their day like clockwork, when it comes to the Farmer’s lovely daughter the two are at odds. Buster soon finds himself being chased not only by his Buddy and the Farmer but the Farmer’s Dog too! It’s a mad chase that ends with a surprise – especially to Buster!

Released – 1920  Runtime – 19 mins 

One Week

Buster and Syble have just got married.  The couple is gifted a plot of land and a prefab house with by the numbers directions. Things start off on a promising note, if not for a sore rival for Syble’s love, Handy Mike, who makes sure things don’t go according to directions. They might live happily ever after – if they can survive the first week!

Released – 1920   Runtime – 25 mins

The Haunted House

Before you see Disney’s Haunted Mansion this Halloween season, see Buster Keaton take on a haunted house that will have you screaming… with laughter! Buster plays a bank clerk who finds himself in one sticky situation after another, literally and figuratively. After being accused of stealing from the bank, he hides out in the titular Haunted House. Really a hideout for counterfeiters, who make it seem as if the house is haunted to keep the cops away. The only thing they didn’t count on was Buster!

Released – 1921 RunTime – 21 mins

Normally Midwest Classic Movies are the 3rd Saturday of every month. This special event will happen on a Friday.


Sep 29, 2023


7:00 PM






The Historic Midwest Theater
1707 Broadway, Scottsbluff, NE