The Chosen: Season 3 Finale, Episodes 7 & 8

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  • Date: Feb 2nd, 2023
    Time: 7:00pm
  • Ticket Price: $4-$7
    Date: Feb 3rd, 2023
    Time: 1:30pm
    Run Time: 2:30
    Location: Midwest Theater

At The Midwest Theater! 

Season 3 of The Chosen comes to a stunning conclusion that demands to be seen on the big screen. In episodes 7 & 8, Simon and Eden face marital crisis, Matthew’s faith takes a turn, and the thousands of people following Jesus grow restless…until a boy brings some loaves and fishes.

Rated: NR  Run Time: 2h 30m

Movie Admission: $4 per person for Midwest Theater members who present their member cards
$7 per person for non-members
Doors open 45 min before showtime.
If you have questions, call the Midwest Theater @ 308-632-4311